Check-out Time

Check-out time is strictly 11 am. Should you require a later check-out we will do our best but you need to let us know beforehand. If we have guests arriving that day it will be almost impossible to offer a late check-out due to the cleaners needing to prepare for those guests.

Please key in * then 0 then * (*0*) on the door lock keypad when you depart. This will notify the owner and housekeeping that you have departed. Thank you!

Check-out Process

1).  Please remove all trash, Including bathrooms. Complex Trash bins located at the driveway.

2).  Please remove all food and drinks, check the freezer for items as well. 

3).  Place all dirty dishes in the dishwasher, load with dishwashing soap, and turn on the dishwasher (Housekeeping will empty when the unit is cleaned). Do not wash any towels, bedding, etc.

4).  If living room hide-a-bed was used; remove sheets/bedding and leave on the couch.

5).  Return GARAGE REMOTES to their basket in the garage.

6).  Please log out of any apps you may have logged into. Also, delete any apps you may have downloaded to the TV’s.

7).  Make sure you did not unplug any HDMI cords on the TV’s. There will be a service fee taken from your deposit if the Cable is not working due to unplugged cable HDMI cords.

8).  Close and lock all windows and doors.

9).  Turn off lights, ceiling fan, heater/house fan, oven, appliances, and any other electrical items.

  GARAGE CLEAN UP: Any sand that may be washed off in the garage and common area (driveway) or other debris must be immediately cleaned up. (Cypress Garden’s HOA Rule) Thank you!

11).  Double-check for any belongings. (Guests often forget power cords for laptops, cameras, cells, eyeglasses, medications, etc.)

12).  Please make sure the entry screen door is unlocked before departing. Guests departing from the garage area please double-check the screen door to make sure it is unlocked and only the deadbolts are locked.

13).  Guest Check-Out; use door code * then 0 then *   ( *0* ) when departing. This notifies the owner and house cleaning that you have checked out. Thank you!

Thank you for your cooperation!

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed your stay, and we will look forward to seeing you again!

Yours Sincerely,

The Arbuckle Family

(808) 419-0099